Buyer’s Checklist

Helping Buyer's Find Your Dream Home

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments and financial decisions you can make. While it is a major commitment and responsibility, it is also a very exciting time in your life. I'm proud that I will get to play a part in it and am excited about soon having the privilege of handing you the keys to your new home! .

With that said, it's important to keep in mind that home buying is a complicated process. I will be working hard to make sure that everything is as rewarding as possible, guiding you at every step and making sure that your needs and desires are met.

This guide was designed to inform you about all steps of the home buying process so that you can feel confident, make informed decisions and act as an educated buyer. It will also help both me and you understand the things that you're looking for in a home so that our search can be made as easy as possible.

Please take some time to review carefully all of the information presented here. If you have any question about the topics discussed, I will be glad to go over them with you in detail. Since every real estate transaction is unique, you will most likely have questions or concerns not presented here. That's what I'm for -­ to assist you at each step, to answer your questions, and to help you find the home you desire!



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Home Buying Process In Florida and how we help

Determine Your Goals

Owning your own home is about more than just being able to decorate any way you like; it's about being prepared to maintain your home over the years, realizing that part of your income and time will go towards repairs and maintenance. It's about being willing to take the risks of home ownership with a realistic expectation of the rewards.

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Setting Your Goals

Understand Your Finances

Most homebuyers find that they need to finance at least part of their home purchase. Therefore, the first stage in finding the right home is to review your personal financial situation and make an informed estimate of your true purchasing power. Your purchasing power will depend on, your income, credit rating, monthly debts, down payment, and available interest rates.

Learn the process of getting a mortgage

Evaluate Finances

Search For Homes on

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Search Homes

Start Looking At Homes

Time to start looking at homes. We will compile a list of homes that meet your criteria and see what makes the cut as well as getting to know the neighborhoods.

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Tour Properties

Submit an Offer and Negotiate

Once you find a home that you wish to purchase, I will prepare a comparable market analysis to advise you in making an appropriate offer in both price and terms. I’ll guide you through the purchase & sale agreement and all other forms and addenda, and advise you on how to make your offer strong. I will present your offer to the seller and or the listing agent and negotiate your terms.

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Make Offer

Setup Inspections & Review The Outcome

Your offer is accepted! Now it's time to get to work. Before we can close on the purchase of your new home, we need to take a few more steps to make sure the purchase is a sound decision. The property inspection is one of the most important stages of the purchase process. This can also be a time when emotions and stress become elevated. My job is to guide you through the inspection process, and give you the resources and opinions you’ll need to make good judgments.

What is covered in the home inspection report

Inspect Home

Close on Your Home

All the preparation is complete. Now it's time for closing! Closing is the legal transfer of ownership of the home from seller to buyer. Closing procedures are usually held at the office of the escrow company, but upon request they may be able to come to you. Your closing officer will coordinate the signing of documents and the collection and disbursement of funds

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Close On Your Home